Look What I Found Today

Look what MY SISTER found July 29, 2013

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ok so this is a story  from my sister.

she went to a thrift store and found a manuscript bag and got it for her husband, upon looking closer at it she saw it was made out of bison leather. and it was $5.99 so she decided to get it. when she got home her and her hubby looked it up, turned out it sells new for $1257. no there is no typo its one thousand two hundred and fifty seven dollars, Thank you for letting me take some pics and for sharing your story sissy!! IMAG0216[1] IMAG0217[1] IMAG0218[1]IMAG0208_ZOE011[1] IMAG0219[1] IMG_2020[1]


My First UPcycle

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Hello again I know its been a long time since I posted anything. so here is one.

about 3 years ago I went to a “Free Garage Sale” I know its strange but hey why not?

I ended up finding some old Samsonite hard shell luggage,  A train case and a Medium size suitcase.

well when I started researching upcycling I found all these great things you can do with these cases, I decided to do my train case because I see it all the time. I cleaned it and painted it a soft lilac color with some spray paint, I first taped off all the metal parts to keep them clean. I cleaned the inside up with a  cleaning cloth.I took off the handle taped off the metal parts. and spray painted it but part of it got  sticky, I assume its from the paint thinner in the spray painted. so i wrapped it in a purple ribbon? cloth thing that came off a broken hair-bow i had.  Then I hand painted a girly skull and cross bones. well here it is hope you enjoy!!!IMG_20130724_004025[1] IMG_20130724_004038[1] IMG_20130724_004045[1] IMG_20130724_004105[1]


The Hubs and I … September 16, 2012

The Hubs and I LOVE to frequent Estate sales in affluent neighbor hoods here in DFW. Today was AWESOME.
Why shop second hand? I HATE buying new. Its expensive. And somewhat wasteful. There are hundreds of thousands of useful items just chillin in peoples houses waiting to be scooped up for cheap at Estate sales. Need a new pair of scissors? Well they dont need them anymore, how bout a trash can?

Or a specialty kitchen utensil? I’ve bought all of that and more and saved a boatload doing it.
This is how Estate sales work, they start on the first day of the sale at full sticker price, the next day there is a percentage off lets say 25%, then the last and final day they get to 50% or 75% off, this is where I come in.:) today I hit the big time.
We found a PAIR of lamps, exactly our style. Selling full price at $75. this was a steep price but considering the area it was a steal. They were BRAND NEW!!! tags still hanging from them and the cords still wrapped up. And oh what a lucky day, today happened to be 50% off day 🙂 so the hubs whipped out the smart phone and found that they sell new for $180 to $200 a POP!! Needless to say we took the tag to the front with our other treasures and bough them. Today was a good day.ImageImage